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Coronavirus pandemic latest updates:

Latest update:

11th December 2021 - a number of our services and meetings and some will only be on Zoom. Please read the full details including information about masks and spacing by following this link


We re-opened the church buildings on 25 July for weekly "hybrid" services at 10.30am, so you can now join us to worship God together in person or by using Zoom
If you choose to attend 'in person' then please show your respect for others by wearing a face covering, sanitising and keeping at least 1 metre distance (sorry - no hugging!).

If you prefer Zoom, please email usbc@usbc.org.uk for login details


Update 2 June 2021: We hope to re-open the church buildings on 27 June. We look forward to being able to meet together in person! However, we are not, for technical reasons, able to mix in person meetings with Zoom so if we are able to recommence real meetings in our church buildings then Zoom services will not be able to continue. We will be able to provide audio recordings of our services so please get in touch with us by emailing usbc@usbc.org.uk or call 01793 831535 if you would like a recording on CD


29 June 2020: USBC leaders continue to review UK Government guidance and regulations. Whilst we would love to re-open the church buildings we will only do so when it is sufficiently safe and practical to do so. Our leaders have decided that, in light of the latest Government advice we will not be able to re-open safely during July. You can read their full statement here

Meanwhile, the church continues whilst the buildings are closed - praise God!

Please join our mailing list to be kept up to date with our plans to re-open the buildings and what we see as the 'new normal' beyond that time.




23rd May 2020:

Due to the bank holiday, the prayer and reflection meeting planned for 9.30am Monday 25th May is now on Tuesday 26th May (same time and same Zoom meeting ID)

We hold frequent social, worship, prayer, reflection and Bible study meetings online using Zoom and would love you to join us

All of the details needed to join our online meetings by computer, tablet, smartphone or telephone are now available by emailing usbc@usbc.org.uk and further updates are available by joining our mailing lists at usbc.org.uk/mailing

Please check that you are displaying your real name when joining:



 We have set up a number of online and phone meetings so that we can continue to meet together during these extraordinary times. Whilst many people have been able to join together, some have encountered technical or other issues. If that's you, please get in touch and we will do all we can to help you join in.

Please read the relevant information at https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/categories/200101697

If that doesn't resolve your issue, please either contact someone you know who has mastered the new technology and joined our meetings, email usbc@usbc.org.uk or call Chris Butcher - we want to help!


We will be meeting regularly online throught this time using Zoom which can be accessed by phone, smartphone, tablet or computer. Our first online meeting on 22nd March went very well - 34 of us met together without too many glitches! If you were part of it, or encountered any issues joining in, please let us know your feedback by email usbc@usbc.org.uk

Details of future meetings will be published here, on Facebook, by email and delivered on paper to those who do not use technology.


18/3/20: Statement from the USBC Trustees:

Sadly, but probably unsurprisingly, we must announce that all church gatherings have been cancelled until further notice to limit the spread of COVID-19. This means no Sunday services as well as ALL other planned activities, including our regular small groups 

We want to encourage the sharing of creative responses during these uncertain times. What ideas do you have? Any links to helpful resources? A new WhatsApp Group is about to be launched for the sharing of urgent concerns along with a USBC Community Facebook Group to help us stay connected with one another. Also, look out for upcoming live streaming of prayers, reflections and other messages from USBC 

We shall continue to find ways to support everyone we know, especially those who are considered to be most vulnerable. A pastoral care plan and practical support team has been launched - if you need help in any way, or would like to join the support team, please contact Simon on 07768 667967. A card system for loving and supporting our neighbours is also on the way. How else might you bless them? Please take care of yourself and follow the social distancing guidelines 

Finally, please keep up-to-date with our latest and more detailed responses to the situation at usbc.org.uk/coronavirus, or sign up to receive similar information by email at usbc.org.uk/mailing.

Special guidance and regular updates are being dropped through the doors of the most vulnerable that we know and love - please pray for them and for one another 

May you know the comfort, security and peace of Christ at this time.

Pastor Simon x.

As this situation is changing rapidly, the Trustees are meeting frequently and will provide updates on Facebook, by email and here as appropriate. If you have concerns or suggestions about the best way to help the church family through this emergency, please contact us by email (usbc@usbc.org.uk) or through the USBC Facebook page

Visit the main church website: usbc.org.uk