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FrEED is a ministry of Upper Stratton Baptist Church

Prayer @ Freed

 Sue Drew and Tracy Mendis will be regularly meeting on Monday afternoons to pray for anyone who feels they need greater freedom and wholeness in any area of their lives.

Prayers for freedom and wholeness could be for many different things - from physical healing, release from things from your past or a change in your relationship with God. God cares about every part of us – and nothing is too big or too small for Him.

In order to receive prayer, you can either make a prayer request or you can arrange a time on a Monday afternoon when you can be prayed for in person.

If you would like Sue and Tracy to prayer for you – either text, email or speak to one of them.

To text a prayer request or to arrange a time for personal prayer – 07985313858

To email a prayer request -

In addition to the prayer described above, FrEED, a ministry of USBC and a support group for people with unwanted eating behaviours, is open at USBC on Mondays.

FrEED offers support, hope and knowledge to people aged 18 and over with any form of unwanted eating behaviour.

It provides people who are seeking to change an unwanted eating behaviour with a safe and confidential place where they can be heard and where they can receive the ‘tools’ that they need.

To find out more, go to and
visit the FrEED Facebook page at