The streets of Vladivostok, Russia, are home to countless numbers of children.

In 1998, one woman set out to change this. Rachael Hughes efforts' began what is now known as Living Hope, a charitable organisation that helps give the street children of Vladivostok, the life they deserve.

Through Living Hope, children are fed, clothed, encouraged, educated and given the ability to see their potential. Facilities and funds are scarce. Yet Living Hope's Day Centre, holiday camps, family and prison visits are making a huge difference.

Thanks to the efforts of Rachael Hughes and her dedicated team in Vladivostok, hope now exists where once there was none…


Some of you will remember when Rachael visited Upper Stratton. Her testimony was powerful and compelling - children in Vladivostok were living near heating pipes in sewers rely on Rachael and her Living Hope charity to provide their basic needs. Rachael's charity is now very, very short of funds and needs urgent financial support.

Visit for lots more information about what they do. You can also make a donation online through their website

If you prefer to make ongoing contributions by direct debit, please email for a form.

If you would like a copy of their newsletter containing more details of the financial situation please email USBC

Whatever you decide - please pray for them and the children they serve