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We have a wide selection of resources that may be of interest from you, from information for beginner Christians to books to really challenge the more experienced of you.

Available Resources


  • Nooma DVD series

001 | Rain: "Things don't always work out the way we want them to."
002 | Flame: "What's up with the word love?"
003 | Trees: "Do our lives really matter?"
004 | Sunday: "Why do we do the things we do?"
005 | Noise: "Why is silence so hard to deal with?"
006 | Kickball: "Why can't we always have what we want?"
007 | Luggage: "It isn't always easy to forgive."
008 | Dust: "Does God believe in us?"
009 | Bullhorn: "Can we separate loving God and loving others?"
010 | Lump: "A lot of us have done things in our lives we are ashamed of."
011 | Rhythm: "What does it mean to have a relationship with God?"
012 | Matthew: "Suffering the loss of someone we love can be the most difficult thing in life to deal with."
013 | Rich: "Maybe God has blessed us with everything we have so we can bless and give to others."
014 | Breathe: "Our physical breath is actually a picture of a deeper spiritual reality."
015 | You: "Some of the central claims of the Christian faith are the source of many discussions and heated debates. But are we always debating the right things?"
016 | Store: "We all get angry about things from time to time."



  • ‘Homegroups: The Authentic Guide’ by Steve & Mandy Briars
    Link to book

  • ‘50 Worship Ideas for Small Groups’ by Stuart Townsend
    Link to book  

  • ‘If You Want To Walk On Water, You've Got To Get Out Of The boat’ by John Ortberg
    Link to book

  • ‘The Mystery of Marriage: Meditations on the Miracle’ Mike Mason
    Link to book


  • ‘Talking Through The Gospel Of John’ by Book by Book (Video and study guide) (10 Studies)

  • The Fawcett Bible Studies’ by Nick Fawcett (All 6 Studies)

    • Prayer – The Fundamental Questions

    • Discipleship – The Journey of Faith

    • Unsung Gifts – The Spirit At Work In The New Testament

    • Women of Faith – What They Teach Us

    • Paul – The Man and The Mission

    • Something To Share – Communicating The Good News

  • Life Builder Bible Studies Series’

    • David – Developing a Heart For God’ by Jack Kuhatschek (12 Studies)

    • Galatians – Why God Accepts Us’ by Jack Kuhatschek (11 Studies)

  • John Stott Bible Studies Series’

    • Galatians – Experiencing The Grace of Christ’ (12 Studies)

  • Deeper Encounter Bible Studies Series’

    • Love One Another – John’s Lifestyle Guidance’ by John Wilks (7 Studies)

  • Bold I Approach – The Why & How of Prayer’ by Good Book Company (6 Studies)


  • Full Of Promise – Understanding The Old Testament’ by Phil Campbell (9 Studies)

  • Connect – Learning Lifestyle Lesson From Persecuted Christian’ by Open Door (5 Studies)


  • How Do You Walk The Walk You Talk – How Does God Want Us To Live?’ by Kay Arthur (6 Studies)


  • Book Of James Vol.1 - Developing A Faith That Works’ Purpose Driven SG Curriculum (6 Studies)


Links To Small Groups Resources

Nooma – Rob Bell’s DVD series

Word On The Web – General support for group leaders

Small Groups – General support for small group leaders

WordLive – Daily devotional / studies and other resources – Online Bible Study Resource - Online Bible Study Resource

Big Ideas about Small Groups - General support for small group leaders

Church@Home – General support for small group leaders

BibleGateway – Online Bible – Various translations

ParallelBible – Online Bible – See various translations of a particular verse

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